Thursday, August 4, 2011

.....and the pageant weekend begins...

With out a doubt this has been one of the busiest months me and Mikaella have ever had together.  In the mean time she has been able to help volunteer at the local Library and we would like to thank Miss Sherry for teaching Mikaella all about call numbers, she seems to think we should now categorize books in our home in such ways.  We arrive at the Marriot today at 3:30pm for registration then at 6:30 Mikaella will attend a pre-pageant workshop which is designed to help girls that are just beginning learn the ropes for the big day on Saturday.  We would like to thank Kathy & Farshad Ardestani (nouna ;-P) for helping us, without their contribution Mikaella would not be able to attend.  After the workshop Mikaella will attend a "Meet & Greet" ball,  I think she is more excited about the party than anything else!

Tomorrow morning we have to be there bright and early (8am) for orientation, rehearsals, interviews and personal on stage introductions which Mikaella has been working very hard on.  Saturday is the big day and she has the most amazing dress that I am sure will knock the socks of all the judges.  Thank you to her Aunt Debbie and Uncle Robby for helping us get this most gorgeous gown.  The search for the dress was almost as hard as looking for a wedding gown.  She would not settle for anything other than pink and "Princess like".  The girls also have to preform a small dance routine which also required a production outfit,  thank you to Julie Asher who was the first to help sponsor Mikaella and make this outfit a possibility for us, she looks adorable and I know it can't be parents bias here.  I would also like to thank My Uncle George and Grandfather Nikolas Mytilineos for helping Mikaella get the prettiest dress shoes I have ever seen.  When I went to see my Grandfather in the hospital yesterday in his state of disorientation he asked 50 times if Mikaella has scuffed up her shoes yet :-).

This has been a great adventure for the whole family, being pregnant made it a bit more difficult but if it were not for Mikaella, I would be cooped up in the house like a chicken.  With that being said, I want to thank my little pumpkin seed for making mommy move her "big belly" around town.  I am so proud of you and no matter the outcome we had a lot of fun together doing this.  The best part about the whole thing is that in this past month I have been able to see a huge growth in Mikaella, she has always amazed me with her insight and overall understanding of the world around her but she seems so much more in tune with everything.  last night I asked her if she was nervous and she said "well I am a little nervous because I am afraid to fall on stage but if I fall I will get up and do a twirl or something, this way the judges will know I don't take this all too seriously"....She is 5! and she is teaching ME about optimism and strength.  I truly belive that I am the most blessed mother on this earth.  My life would be completely and utterly meaningless without my "pipocinha".  YAY MAX & GOOD LUCK!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looking for Sponsors and Donations

Two months ago Mikella asked if she could participate in the National American Miss Scholarship Pageant, being that I have experience with the whole pageant process I was a bit hesitant and did not want to expose my daughter to some of the uglies that we all see associated with such contests.  After meeting with pageant directors and reading up on all the brochures I felt like this would not only be a wonderful experience for Mikaella but I was also relieved to find out that none of the young girls are allowed to wear makeup, no giant mini dresses, fakes tans, eyelashes, heels, swimsuits and all of that other stuff that only take away the innocence of a child.  

For those of you who are not familiar with the pageant world, contestants are asked to find sponsors.  Sponsors can be anyone from freinds, family and local business that are willing to help support Mikaella financially by donating whatever they can to help her with her many expenses (i.e. registration, wardrobe, excursions etc.)  The sponsor fee is tax deductible for businesses as an advertising expense.  

If you are a business & wish to donate you can make out a check to National American Miss and mail out the check to us at 845 Las Lomas Dr. #D, La Habra, Ca 9063, for smaller donations you can make a check payable to Flavia de Souza or you can make a direct payment to PayPal at  You will receive a receipt for your donation as well as a thank you letter from Miss Mikaella herself :-)

Thank you all so much for your support and GOOOOOOOOOOO MAX!!!